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Hydro Tube Enterprises, Inc. has been providing innovative, bent tubular products of the highest quality for over 40 years.



Tube Forming and End Finishing



  • Coping, Squaring and Deburring
    Tube end cuts often need to be squared or coped, to ensure accurate connections to branch weldments and fittings. Hydro Tube has skilled operators and accurate machines to make these precision cuts, along with fine deburring techniques and chamfering. Hand deburring is available for complex shapes.
  • Beading
    Industry standard beading is available for secure and leak free hose to tubing connections. Beads can be formed in tubing as small as ¼ inch diameter and up to 12.0-inch diameter. Beading can be formed in many materials such as Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Titanium to name a few. Automated equipment is used for high volume tube beading up to 2.0 in. diameter.
  • Swaging (Reducing)
    Tube-in-tube fit up and exact tube sizing is a common requirement for parts made for hydraulic and air tubing. Precision tube forming is essential to proper fit up and silver brazing joints. Tube Ends are swaged down to exact fit or prior to machining to exact dimensions.
  • Expanding
    Ram forming is available to create expanded tube to mate with larger tube and frame weldments. Tubing from ½ inch diameter to 3 inch diameter and wall thickness from 1/32 to .25 are expanded. Multi-step expansion in automated. Equipment can expand tubing up to 2.0 inch.
  • Flaring
    Our hydraulic tube assemblies can be made with 37 degree and 45 degree flares. Double flares are possible, as well as 90 degree Par Flanging. Tubing sizes up to 3.0 inch can be flared. Tubing up to 1.5 inch can be 90 degree Par Flanged.
  • Notching
    Tube notching is available either by press form or Laser Cutting or Machining. The best process is selected to match the parts being made.
  • Punching
    Single punch stations, multi punch stations, and dedicated punching machines can perforate tubing, flatten, and punch tube ends and brackets.
  • Slotting
    Machined and punched slotting is used for flexible fit up to tubes. Often slots are used to allow clamping of tube ends.
  • Crimping
    Crimping is available to reduce tube diameter or stake tubes together in order to avoid welding. Tubes and solid rods can also be joined this way.
  • Press Forming
    Custom dies are used to press form ends flat, dimples, various shapes, and trim parts to length.
  • End Closing
    Tube ends are closed by flattening and welding, or with plugs welded continuously using manual or automatic TIG welding. Machine press and rotary enclosing is handled on dedicated orbital forming machines.



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Hydro Tube Enterprises, Inc. has been providing innovative, bent tubular products of the highest quality for over 40 years.

Your Best Source for Tube Solutions

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