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Hydro Tube Enterprises, Inc. has been providing innovative, bent tubular products of the highest quality for over 40 years.

Hydro Tube is a leader in laser tube cutting technology.

Hydro Tube has the capacity, experience, and knowledge to handle your largest production demands. Countless industries ranging from agriculture to architecture to fast food restaurants count on our laser tube cutting services to handle large diameters and wall thicknesses while maintaining productivity. Check out these videos to see our laser tube cutting equipment in action.


Five-Axis and Bevel Cutting with Fiber and CO2

Hydro Tube has Five-Axis and Bevel Cutting capabilities with Fiber and CO2 to support our customers growing demands.


Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Lasers are the most efficient and flexible machines to cut various lengths and profiles of tubing. Two-dimensional laser cutting is fast and accurate. Our first Tube Laser uses a 2D Co2 head for cutting. It has a maximum diameter tube of 6.0 inches and maximum tube length of 24 ft. long. It can cut closed sections from as small as .75 diameter and material thickness from 0.020 in to 0.250 in. We can add holes, slots, and shaped cut-outs as needed. This is done much faster than any other process.


Tube Laser Cutting has become a core competency at Hydro Tube. Our Tube Laser capability has increased to cutting parts 12.0 inches in diameter, up to 40 feet long, and 0.5 in wall thickness. Using our 3D Co2 cutting heads, we now do many open and closed sections of material, including I beam, C channel, and Angle Iron to name a few.


Keeping with advances in technology, Hydro Tube expanded their Tube Laser line to include Fiber Laser Technology. With increases in cut speed and accuracy, as well as a greater selection of materials that can be cut, we give our customers additional resources to utilize when designing new products. Additionally, our latest Fiber Laser has a special high-speed etching head to identify parts and to laser measure the section to be cut. Fiber Lasers cut Aluminum, Copper, Brass, as well as Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.


When we saw an increased need to cut parts after forming, Hydro Tube added a Fiber Laser with robotic part presentation and a multi-axis laser head. Whether for a bent tube or a deep-drawn part or assembly, the new laser system can cut on any surface or axis needed. No mechanical system can match its flexibility and speed.


Hydro Tube continuously adds Laser Tube Cutting capability and capacity. In 2021, Tube Laser Cutting will be available in the Northern Location. A 3D Co2 laser with a maximum cutting diameter of 8.0 inches and lengths up to 26 ft. long. A new building, and material handling capability will allow even further expansion in the foreseeable future.


Hydro Tube is committed to the highest quality and most advanced equipment for your Laser Cutting needs.



Tube Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • Laser cutting of angle iron, channel, and other open profiles.
  • Laser tube cutting outside dimensions and up to 42# per foot
    • Round tubing from 1/2" through 12”
    • Square tubes up to 9’’ x 9’’
    • Rectangle tubing to 6”x10”
  • Our laser tube cutting machines have the automated loading systems that can handle up to 6000 lbs bundles.
  • 2D or 3D cutting to 45 degrees
  • Reliable automated seem detection.
  • No tooling required with our tube cutting machines
  • Lot sizes as low as one piece, if required, and processing of a wide variety of metal alloys, such as Stainless, Carbon, Aluminum, Brass, Copper…
  • Our advanced laser tube cutting systems reduce fixture costs and increase productivity with the utilization of “tab and notch” as well as folded joint connections


Manufacturers can benefit from this leading-edge industrial laser tube cutting technology by outsourcing their work for faster production of frames, racks, supports, trusses, manifolds or any other item made from cut tubes. State of the art software allows us to quickly program and move from quote to finished product in very short lead times.


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FL300 3D cutting on RHS 50x40x1,5

LT 722D

Rectangular tube high speed cutting

TTM Laser Cutter
Tube Laser Cutting
Laser Tube Cutting
Laser Tube Cutting

Common Applications of Laser Tube Cutting

  • Exercise equipment
  • Steel cut tubing
  • Tube fabricators
  • Bevel cut pipe and tube
  • Food processing tube and pipe
  • Stainless tubing
  • Sanitary tube and pipe cutting
  • Display cases
  • Industrial tables
  • Furniture Frames
  • Crane and lift equipment
  • Support tubing for clothing racks
  • Forklift equipment
  • Bed frames
  • Computer Hardware Racking Systems
  • Wheel Chair Frames
  • Adjustable basketball systems
  • Conveyor tubes
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Roll bar cages
  • Side impact bars
  • Engineered architectural equipment
  • Construction equipment


Hydro Tube Enterprises, Inc. has been providing innovative, bent tubular products of the highest quality for over 40 years.

Your Best Source for Tube Solutions

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